Phishing spam email – Bank of England!

I thought I had seen just about every type of spam email going, from Nigerian frausters to the best Enlargement devices going BUT this simple email got caught in our spam filter today and it’s naive simple format and message made me laugh, do they really believe someone would fall for them?

This is who they tried to say it was from
Subject: HELLO.
I’ am Sir. Mervyn King. From Bank of England, london United Kingdom. Have a transaction of mutual benefits, which involves the sum of (Ј13,200,000.00) Thirteen million two hundred thousand British pounds sterling. There is no risk involved.This transaction is highly confidential, Indicate your interest by formally writing me via email.Kindest Regards,
Sir. Mervyn King.
I would think most sane people would see straight through this sort of thing, BUT believe it or not they do get the odd reply and get some poor fool to send them a handling fee which they never see again, surprise , surprise!
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