Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield

Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield

If your laptop doesn’t seem to be charging or powering up, it may have a loose or damaged power jack, also known as a DC jack or charging socket.

Citrus do local and reliable Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield in our workshop

Turnaround time is approximately 1 – 5 days. this usually depends on parts availability / stock.
Prices for DC socket repair / replacement start from £59.00 actual prices vary depending on make / model and type of socket (soldered or wiring loom connector)

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DC Jack Repair

If the only way you can turn on your laptop is by holding the power plug at an angle or wiggle it, then you have a bad DC Jack (Power Jack). Have Citrus Computers replace your DC Jack today and save hundreds of pounds over the price of a new logic board (or new laptop!). We stock DC Jacks for many popular laptops so that we can provide fast turnaround and have you computing again in no time! We can usually provide same day or next day service and even collection / pickup with return delivery on completion (small fee may apply).

Replacing a DC Jack is very involved and not for novices. The laptop must be completely disassembled, the faulty jack must be de-soldered and replaced, then the laptop is reassembled. Without the proper expertise and tools you can cause serious damage to your logic board or other components. This is why we offer our Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield.

Bad DC Jack / charger socket Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a bad DC Jack socket are:

The laptop seems to not be charging
The laptop won’t start unless the power cable is wiggled or at an angle
The laptop will run on battery power but not on mains power
The laptop randomly charges or switches between battery and mains power

DC Socket Jack Failure

DC Jacks can fail or break for a number of reasons. Sometimes, normal wear and tear – unplugging and re plugging over time, combined with oxidation or moisture in the air can cause the jack to come loose inside the laptop. Using universal adaptor tips that don’t fit snugly, or not having the tip plugged in all the way, can cause the jack to wiggle and weaken the solder joints inside. But most of the time DC Sockets break very suddenly – usually from:

1) the laptop falls off the bed or table, lands on the charger plug;
2) someone runs past the laptop and trips on the charger cord – ripping the jack out of place, which results in a broken DC Jack socket, and a laptop that will no longer charge.

 The Cheaper Alternative

Replacement laptop motherboards (logic boards) can cost hundreds of pounds depending on the model. Replacing the bad DC Jack is usually much more economical than replacing the whole board – or even buying a whole new laptop. Plus, by having your laptop repaired – you get to keep all of your data and configuration, and resume exactly the way things were.

It Can Be Fixed

Don’t worry! Nearly all DC Jack and laptop charging problems can be repaired using our Laptop DC Jack Repair Service.

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