Data recovery from damaged laptop

If your Laptop is severely Damaged, can anything be Saved?

Fire damaged laptop data recovered from hard drive

If your Laptop is severely Damaged, can anything be Saved?

Check out this picture of a laptop that was actually recovered from a house fire.

You are going to find this hard to believe, but the computer repair technician that worked on this laptop was actually able to retrieve all of the data off the hard drive.  Not everyone would have been so lucky.

At Citrus we are often asked if anything can be salvaged from a severely damaged laptop. And the answer is, each scenario can be different. You might be able to salvage a part off of a recently damaged laptop, but in the end what will probably matter most is whether your data can be saved.

We depend on our computers to keep all of our memories, pictures, personal documents, work documents, notes, calendars, emails, family weekend gatherings, weddings, videos, movie collections, just about everything we do in today’s fast moving technology world.

If your laptop was accidentally dropped while in use, was an unfortunate house fire, stolen, or the hard drive crashes repeatedly, what would you do without your data? Starting from scratch can be pretty scary.

This is why Citrus always recommends that you back up your data and computers regularly, and if you need assistance setting up suitable backup please Call Citrus today so we can assist.

Call us to schedule an appointment for a “cost efficient” 30 minute session to insure your hard drive is backed up daily, weekly, or monthly. After all, your “stuff” is very important to us.

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