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Computer hardware repairs

Laptop & Computer Hardware Repairs

Citrus Computers can replace nearly any damaged or dead computer part without having to send away your computer for weeks at a time. All of the computer hardware repairs, laptop screen replacements and dc socket laptop power jack repairs are done locally in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by Citrus Computers own repair technicians.

We offer a variety of hardware repairs…

Laptop screen replacement
Laptop power/DC Jack repair
Laptop Keyboard replacement
Hard drive installation and upgrades
Power supply (PSU) replacements
Fan installation
RAM installation and upgrade
DVD / CD-ROM drive replacements
Ask for others!

All repairs are done here locally here in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by Citrus Computers own repair technicians. Most repairs are completed within hours or days, if parts have to be ordered completion is usually just a day or so after the part is ordered.

To book an appointment, please callin, phone us or fill out the online enquiry form:

Citrus Interactive Ltd
Trafalgar House
673 Leeds Road
West Yorkshire. HD2 1YY
T: 01484518222 Office hours / 01484818155 (24 Hour Voicemail)
F: 01484599399