Text Marketing

Our SMS solutions provide individuals and businesses with means of communicating to colleagues and customers without sending through a mobile phone. All the sending can be sent and scheduled through our control panel interfaces with full auditing trails as to what was sent, when it was sent, and when it delivered to the destination number. For ideas on how this platform can aid your business call us today!
Multiple Originator Names
Users of our SMS solutions can benefit from the ability of sending messages branded with their own name. For example a company with the name of Dentist Limited could have messages appearing on their clients phone with the sender name of DENTIST upto a maximum of 11 characters.
Multiple Originator Numbers
Should you own or manage multiple phones we allow you the ability to send messages appearing as that that originating phone’s number. For example, if your phone number is 0788191919 our platform will allow you to send messages from our control panel appearing as if it were sent by that phone. Customers / friends receiving messages from you will see the originatoring name as 0788191919 (or how they list you in their phonebook), and can reply in the normal way back to your phone.

IMPORTANT: This solution is backed up by security systems to revent misuse and fraud. Only once the number has been validated by our system, and you can demostrate ownership of the phone, can it be used as an originator.



However you decide to use our platform we have placed flexibility and control into the heart of the design. To help explain our scheduling here are a few examples:
You have the ability to send messages around the clock for immediate delivery. We allow you to send messages to over 540 GSM networks in 190 Countries.
Schedule Sending (date & time)
You can opt to pick when to send your messages. This can be useful for targeted marketing (eg just before a program starts), or can be as simple as appointment reminders (eg this is confirmation that your table is booked for 8pm on Tuesday 24th).
If plans change then we give you the flexibility to re-schedule when the message is sent, or if you simply wish to cancel. Our message logs clearly show all messages that are queued.

Our control panels provide you a wealth of information to immediately see how your campaigns have worked, and if the end recipients have received your messages.
Free Delivery Reports
Through our message logs you have the ability to see live data supplied to our system regarding the delivery status of your messages. Regardless where you sent the message in the world you can see the status of the delivery and to which mobile network it was delivered to.
View a record of all messages sent and their content. This can act as a deterant for abuse, or simply aid in tracking the history of a message.
Message Templates
Using our templates you can re-use / edit standard messages time and time again easily. This can save re-typing messages and avoid errors.

Our phonebooks are simplicity themselves. Find out why…
Single Entry
You can enter customers into your phonebook one by one. As well as entering the customers name and mobile / landline number, you can also enter their email address for your own records and reference. Ideal for adding new friends details, or when new appointments are made and need to be confirmed via SMS.
Multiple Entries
Simply enter customers details in CSV format allowing you to enter 1000’s of numbers within seconds.
Multiple Address Books
To aid organisation we give all users the ability to setup as many address books as required. This allow you to separate your friends from your customers for example. When sending messages we have provided slick integration into the phone book to allow you to very quickly enter or remove recipient numbers via an AJAX interface.

Whether or not you need general support with our platform, or advice on a marketing campaign we can help assist you with your enquiry on the phone, or via email.
No Outsourced Call Centers
All calls are handled by our own staff based in West Yorkshire. There are no premium rate numbers or ‘press 2 for’ options to get through to someone. All customers are assigned their own account manager should you have any questions. We also have a 24 hour web support system where you can submit tickets for a fast response to your questions.