EuroPal   L O C K S
EuroPal Locks have been established since April 2009. We are a small family business with 30 years crime prevention experience, we pride ourselves on offering a very friendly and personalised service to home security in the Huddersfield & Kirklees Area. We are competitively priced and there are no hidden costs and we do not charge a call out fee. Peter has a HNC in Mechanical Engineering with 30 years Crime Prevention experience being a Retired Police Officer with 30 YEARS CRIME PREVENTION EXPERIENCE. We want to make home security affordable to everyone so people can protect their home and valuables. Huddersfield Locksmith Service Available

Home and Business Calls

Our Talk services allows users of BT Landlines to route their calls through the Citrus Interactive Telecom* Service to make large savings whether or not the call is to a local, national, mobile or International number. It is free to move, without long term commitments (1 months notice). There is no risk of any disruption, and no additional equipment required.

At Citrus Interactive we are committed to supplying our telecom customers with not only good value phone solutions, but ensuring that our pricing and services are as clear and transparent as possible. Our industry is filled with gimmicks, catches, small print and commitments. We prefer to offer a simplistic view of telecoms with to the point phone call charges and full itemised billing. The majority of our customers do make significant savings compared to their existing suppliers, and if you are not completely satisfied we provide you with the flexibility of minimal contract periods.


As well as benefitting from savings on your phone calls, we provide all our customers with free, and complete, itemised billing. All calls can be found listed within an online control panel which it updated daily with your latest calls. To compliment this we provide graphical statistics and powerful call interrogation software allowing you to better understand the calls you make.

Per Second Billing

Unlike some of our competitors we will only bill you for the time you spend on the call. This is done by billing on a per second basis rather than rounding calls to the nearest whole minute. It is one of many ways we want to ensure our billing is as clear and simple as possible.

Free Itemised Billing

All your phone calls are logged in our itemised billing pages accessible through the control panel. We show you all calls made, not just those that exceed a certain call spend. These are updated every 24 hours.

No Minimum Charge

In June 2010 the average call length of our business customer call minutes was just over 2 minutes. By not paying a minimum call charge you can easily save upto 35% on your phone bill before you consider the saving on our low call costs.

No Minimum Call Spend

We do not force any of our customers to reach minimum call committments. This means that both residential and business talk customers can benefit from our low cost calls no matter how large or small your phone bill is.

* Citrus Interactive Ltd, or our Telecom wholesale service provider is not associated with any other company with a similar name.