Telecom Services

– Business Line rental – ISDN – PSTN
– Further Cost Reductions Compared to Home CPS
– Perfect for businesses and heavy users
Customised tariffs to meet your needs
– Peak and Off-Peak Rates
Per Second Billing
No Connection or Minimum Call Charge
– Fully Itemised Online Billing
– Itemised calls updated every 24 hours
– Online Call Statistics & Call Interrogation
Multiple Payment Methods
– Account Manager for ALL Enquiries
– Available on all BT Landlines
– Keep your line rental with BT
Keep your Existing Phone Number
– 1 Month Contract, no long term contracts

Our talk solutions aren’t simply to supply you with a cheaper alternative to larger call providers. Using our own telecom billing platform we are able to provide you with a multitude of analysis tools to get to information that means something to you and your business. Unlike other providers who send paper itemised calls which are often summaries, we provide detailed online logs of every call made including duration destination and cost. The search facilites can then allow you to make accurate cost summaries on a per destination basis.

Talk Solutions
Unlike the growing number of our competitors we give you the choice of using us for the calls you make without necesarily using us for the line rental aspect of the service. This gives you to ability to try out our services risk-free and return to another provider without being restricted by long-term contract periods. Our calls are supplied with the highest levels of voice quality and we will never sacrifice this in aid of cost savings or gimmicks.
Line Rental
Whether or not you require a new phone line, a new business phone system, or simply would like to transfer your line away from your existing provider we can assist. A full range of PSTN (residential and business), ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 lines are available, along with an extensive range of options to tailor to your requirements. Citrus staff can help gather information from you in order to produce a detailed and competitive quote for your lines and phone calls.
Paperless Operations
We will not send out any form of paper based invoice. We have a very clear policy in all our operations to miminise our operations impact on the environment, and paper based invoices and itemised calls often just add to a waste paper mountain. This attitude can bring its own benefits in terms of costs saved, and thus lower call costs for you, and itemised call listing updated every 24 hours instead of waiting for the end of the month or quarter. All itemised listings and invoices can be accessed through our control panel which is now in its 7th generation.
We have tried to supply as much detailed information as possible within our talk solutions. Citrus staff will be more than happy to talk through your requirements or questions on the phone 01484 818155