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Netgear Router Power Supply Problems

For a couple of years now, we have been having a regular flow of Netgear DG834 Router problems, at one point this router was probably the most widely used ADSL home router in the250px-Netgear_dg834gv4_front UK sometimes also supplied by Sky and AOL to name but a few  to their subscribers but most often bought outright for a wires only connection by end users.

Typical problems would be loss of connection / ADSL Sync. constantly trying to reconnect after seconds or minutes.
Unable to connect wireless clients even though SSID was being detected and password correct.
Poor wireless signal / range.
Router constantly rebooting and lights going off then coming straight back on.
Lights on router flickering in unusual patterns or seemed dim.

In 95% of cases we were finding a common factor, when we tested the DC voltage output at the connector jack plug it was showing out of range either having higher or lower than the stated voltage. Most Netgear router adapters are stated to be 12V 1amp. We were finding the faulty adaptors were either less than 10 Volts (sometimes 6 – 8 Volts) or over 16Volts (Often 17 – 18 Volts).

In virtually ALL cases, replacing the PSU with a new 12 Volt 1.5 AMP unit the problem was fixed instantly. Please note that we say 1.5 amp as this provides the unit with adequate power without causing overheating of the PSU and resulting in longer life of the power supply unit.

It is worth mentioning that repeated calls to Netgear support resulted in complete denial of any knowledge of such a problem which is totally unbelievable given the number of times we have encountered this  issue.

WARNING! Only use the correct adaptor with these Netgear Routers  (Or Any Electrical Device for that matter) as we had one customer MELT a Netgear DG834 by trying to use a 30 Volt PSU from a BT Telephone, luckily it still did not connect to the internet and he called us in to find out why and we found the router in a very hot condition and managed to replace it before the building burnt down.

If you have a faulty Netgear DG834 Router it is worth checking the PSU as it is quite likely  the router will be fine.

Backup Your Files with GoodSync

GoodSync synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, e-mails between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives.

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Phishing spam email – Bank of England!

I thought I had seen just about every type of spam email going, from Nigerian frausters to the best Enlargement devices going BUT this simple email got caught in our spam filter today and it’s naive simple format and message made me laugh, do they really believe someone would fall for them?

This is who they tried to say it was from
Reply-To: <[email protected]>
From: “Mervyn King” <[email protected]>
Subject: HELLO.
I’ am Sir. Mervyn King. From Bank of England, london United Kingdom. Have a transaction of mutual benefits, which involves the sum of (Ј13,200,000.00) Thirteen million two hundred thousand British pounds sterling. There is no risk involved.This transaction is highly confidential, Indicate your interest by formally writing me via email.Kindest Regards,
Sir. Mervyn King.
I would think most sane people would see straight through this sort of thing, BUT believe it or not they do get the odd reply and get some poor fool to send them a handling fee which they never see again, surprise , surprise!
More info @

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Broadband Offers

Looking to change your HOME Broadband / Telephone service?

PlusNet have UK support and are based in Sheffield, we have a number of clients who have moved to them and find their prices and service excellent, click on the banner bellow for all the current offers they have.

Broadband from £5.99 a month with an included wireless router when you sign up to Plusnet - terms apply


If you are still with BT for your home broadband then you will be paying far too much and BT are not bound to be the best just because you have your phone with them.
Consider moving your connection to save money and in many cases you will get a faster Broadband experience.
Plusnet is well worth considering, based in Sheffield and with a local support centre you will have no more calling India for your Broadband enquiries / problems.