Cleaning / Replacing a SONY Vaio Sunon fan

We stock replacement sunon fan model # gc054006vh-8

Please call 01484 818155 to order £9.95 including UK postage.

Our Customers from around the world have repaired the following Models of
Laptop / Notebook with this FAN

  • Sony Vaio PCG-F630
  • Sony Vaio PCG- F801A + Sony Vaio PCG-F801
  • SONY Vaio PCG-9401
  • SONY Vaio PCG-941C
  • Acer Travelmate 350 / 350TE
  • Acer Travelmate TEV-351
  • ACER 351TE Travelmate (Check Fan 1st – 2 Versions?)
Once you have opened your Vaio case you will see a large metal section in the top left-hand corner, this is the heat sink which sits over the processor. The cooling fan can be found under a small removable plate on the extreme left:
This plate is held on by three small screws and a piece of adhesive tape, which secures the wires. You need to expose the third screw which sits under the edge of the case. To achieve this you should remove the long silver screw which holds the casing in place:
Then lift or gently push the casing to one side, take extreme care when you do this as the plastic moulding gets thin at that point and could snap.
Now you can get at the three small screws, carefully remove them and the adhesive tape. You should be able to lift the metal plate now, but take care as the fan is mounted underneath it:

With the fan in this out you can easily clean of any dust with a soft brush (I used a soft bristled paintbrush) and gently vacuum out the heat sink but watch out for that static.For a more thorough clean or to replace the complete unit, you will need to remove the fan from it’s mounting plate. The image above shows the three screws which need to be removed to free the fan. With this done you trace the cable back, on my Vaio there was another piece of securing tape to remove, then you can unplug from the motherboard.
Refitting is the same process in reverse.
To order this fan please call 01484 818155 (UK Number)

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