Data recovery from damaged laptop

If your Laptop is severely Damaged, can anything be Saved?

Fire damaged laptop data recovered from hard drive

If your Laptop is severely Damaged, can anything be Saved?

Check out this picture of a laptop that was actually recovered from a house fire.

You are going to find this hard to believe, but the computer repair technician that worked on this laptop was actually able to retrieve all of the data off the hard drive. … Read the Full article

Computer hardware repairs

Laptop & Computer Hardware Repairs

Citrus Computers & Laptop repairs can replace nearly any damaged or dead computer part without having to send away your computer for weeks at a time. All of the computer hardware repairs, laptop screen replacements and dc socket laptop power jack repairs are done locally in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by Citrus Computers own repair technicians.… Read the Full article

Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield

Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield

If your laptop doesn’t seem to be charging or powering up, it may have a loose or damaged power jack, also known as a DC jack or charging socket.

Citrus do local and reliable Laptop DC jack repair Huddersfield in our workshop

Turnaround time is approximately 1 – 5 days.… Read the Full article

Firefox browser, should I use it?

Yes, using Firefox browser will save you from the many problems we see with Internet Explorer, We recommend Firefox for maximum website compatibility and speed.

As of April 2017 the Current version stable release is Firefox 52 – Download the update now, Click the banner below and check your version is up to date.… Read the Full article

Netgear Router Power Supply Problems

For a couple of years now, we have been having a regular flow of Netgear DG834 Router problems, at one point this router was probably the most widely used ADSL home router in the250px-Netgear_dg834gv4_front UK sometimes also supplied by Sky and AOL to name but a few  to their subscribers but most often bought outright for a wires only connection by end users.… Read the Full article

Backup Your Files with GoodSync

GoodSync synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, e-mails between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives.

GoodSync is the latest software in a series of highly reliable, easy-to-use products from Siber Systems, the makers of RoboForm. It uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional synchronization.… Read the Full article

Phishing spam email – Bank of England!

I thought I had seen just about every type of spam email going, from Nigerian frausters to the best Enlargement devices going BUT this simple email got caught in our spam filter today and it’s naive simple format and message made me laugh, do they really believe someone would fall for them?… Read the Full article

Cleaning / Replacing a SONY Vaio Sunon fan

We stock replacement sunon fan model # gc054006vh-8

Please call 01484 818155 to order £9.95 including UK postage.

Our Customers from around the world have repaired the following Models of
Laptop / Notebook with this FAN

  • Sony Vaio PCG-F630
  • Sony Vaio PCG- F801A + Sony Vaio PCG-F801
  • SONY Vaio PCG-9401
  • SONY Vaio PCG-941C
  • Acer Travelmate 350 / 350TE
  • Acer Travelmate TEV-351
  • ACER 351TE Travelmate (Check Fan 1st – 2 Versions?)
Once you have opened your Vaio case you will see a large metal section in the top left-hand corner, this is the heat sink which sits over the processor.… Read the Full article

Secure your Passwords

All Your Logins in One Place

Direct link to FREE trial Download

Keep all your logins completely in sync. No more worries about remembering your passwords. Access your favorite sites quickly and securely

Easy Logins

It’s now easier than ever to login to your favorite websites and applications. RoboForm makes the process effortless by automatically saving, then entering your usernames and passwords.Read the Full article

What is Phishing

Phishing is the term used to describe Internet criminals setting up phony Web sites – made to look like a bank or other financial services company – then sending you fraudulent emails urging you to visit the site and hand over your personal information.
Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, to steal your personal information.Read the Full article