We only supply our broadband (ADSL) connections to business users.
Citrus will assess your requirements individually and provide the best solution to meet your needs.
Some trouble shooting tips are shown below
Line Sync

Sync is essentially the signal from the local exchange indicating the potential speeds your line can achieve depending on the distance and quality of your line. If sync isnt present then you wont be able to connect to our service.

The best way of confirming the presence of sync is to login to the router interface and look for confirmation of an upstream and downstream speed. All too often customers refer to the presence of lights on the front of the router. With there being so many makes and models its not always possible for support personnel to be able to confirm what each light means for each router.
Cannot Connect

The fault assumes that ADSL sync is present (ie an upstream and downstream speed is showing within the router). If this isnt present you should refer to a no-sync fault.

If sync is present then you have a connection between the exchange and the router, and as such there should be little reason for the router to fail to connect to our network. There are simple steps to take:

a) Check the radius logs

The radius logs show each connection attempt made by a router to our network. They will confirm successful or failed attempts (eg wrong password) assuming the username is correct. As such make sure the username is entered correctly and in full (eg [email protected]). If the entries highlight a wrong password then check the password within the control panel, or simply reset it.

NOTE: Its not possible to display the password you are attempting to connect with as the data is encrypted. We can however identify if it fails to match what is stored.

b) Check settings

If no connections attempts are showing within the router then it is important to make sure the other router settings are present and correct. The key ones are:

  • VPI: 0
  • PCI: 38
  • Encapsulation: PPPoA (PPP over ATM)
  • Multiplexing Method: VC-Mux (VC based)

c) Try the test login

The next step is to try the BT test login. This wont allow you to connect to the Internet and surf, but it will gain a connection to the BT network. It is significant as it can help identify a potential routing issue within the exchange.

Within your router remove the current @interdsl.co.uk test login and connect using:

Username: [email protected]_domain
Password: (leave blank or enter it as test)

Save these settings and reboot the router to ensure that they are saved and the router is attempting to connect with them. Please allow upto 2 minutes for the router to connect with these. If successful the router status will confirm a connection and an external IP address supplied.

Regardless of whether this successfully connects, replace the test login details with your original username and password from us. Save these and report the findings to our support team.

d) If possible try a replacement router

If the router is know to work, or is brand new, then it is unlikely that this is the cause. It cannot do any harm to try a replacement however.